New Content

See, I told you I would get to new content! The Right Yeast now has content. I will update on the main page here as I add to my other pages. I’ll also be adding to the bibliography and glossary as I go.

Thanks to everyone who has visited, asked questions, and been patient. This shows you will all be terrific meadmakers!


4 responses to “New Content

  1. Milt Michael

    What do you mean “the Right Yeast now has content”?
    Is that different section of your site?
    What is the best yeast for mead???

    • Look for the tab off the main page, under “Choosing Ingredients,” titled The Right Yeast. I just finished writing it up and posting it, that’s what I mean by it now has content. I think it will tell you what you need to know. If you are just starting out making mead, I would recommend Lalvin K1V-1116. It is the hardiest, cleanest, and clearest yeast, in my opinion.

      • Milt Michael

        Thanks…I’m using 1116, 1118, and just started a d47 but there has been so many variables that I still haven’t declared a favorite….do you notice any difference in final taste or is it more a hardy issue?

  2. Looking at the ones you named: I don’t notice a taste with 1116 or D-47. However, 1118 does leave a bit of yeast profile, in my opinion. I like it for “bigger” meads (high alcohol, higher sweetness, oaked; that sort of thing). I prefer the 1116 for hardiness and cleanliness.

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