I tried to get the fancy-schmancy “Donate” button to work through PayPal. It never did – but the unfabulous link below seems to work. If you like the site, find the information useful, or want to read about my fermenting everything but the furniture, please consider donating some money for the cost of yeast, honeys, and other fermentables.

Thank you so much!

Any amount is helpful.  Here’s some idea as to the cost of one gallon of mead (not including cost of water, labels, carboys & bungs):

  • For a show mead with the cheap honey (still local and raw):  about $15.00 (this is then about $3.00 a bottle for some really good wine).
  • A show mead with a specialty honey: about $40.00
  • A melomel with the cheap honey: about $35.00
  • A melomel with the specialty honey: about, well, more than I can afford to do very often ($70.00).  This puts it at about $14.00 bottle.  Still not too bad.

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