Do you have questions?  Ask them!!  I’ll do my best to find the answer.  You can ask here in the comments, or email W3Meadery@gmail.com

Q: Just what is mead anyway? A: Mead is fermented honey – honey wine that is.  It is the oldest known fermented beverage in the world.  Before humans cultivated any crops to make beer, the bees and Mother Nature had already made mead.  The simplest form of mead is water, honey, and yeast.  Once you start adding things, it is usually called something else.  For example, add grapes and you have pyment, add apples and you have cyser, add spices and you have metheglin, etc.

Q:  Why would anyone make honey-wine?  Isn’t it going to be sweet and sticky?  A:  Well, you can make sweet and sticky mead, just like you can make sweet and sticky grape wine.  However, just as grape wine is not grape juice, mead is not honey in a pot.  It can be dry as a bone.  While it retains some of the smell, taste, and character of honey, it is not sticky sweet.

Q: Do I have to be Pagan, Celtic, Norse, etc., to drink & enjoy mead?  A:  No, but it helps!  Seriously, if you like wine, honey, or trying new things, mead is for you!  Mead is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike grape wine.  It is really, really awesome.

More to come…


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