Small edit about sanitizer

I did a small edit under the Meadmaking 101 page regarding sanitizer. I’ve been using StarSan for the last few years and highly recommend it for sanitizing. It is easier than bleach or potassium metabisulfate, in my opinion.

New page about bottling

I now have a post under Meadmaking 101; Bottling. Please check it out. That post is making it obvious to me that I need to give you all information on the equipment I use. Stay tuned for that information!

Post about the particulars of puree

I have added a post “Using Puree” under the tab “Choosing Ingredients.”  It could have gone under several places, but I chose to put it there based on the other discussions of choosing fruits and vegetables.  Puree is a viable option for fruit if you know how to use it.


New fail added

I added a new failure to The Agony of Defeat.  Just being a model of imperfection to you all.

Feel free to share your failures.  It makes us all feel better!  Oh, and we learn something from them.

I’m back

Due to moving five times in three years, I have not been able to make mead, focus on mead, or write about mead.  It has been a dark time for the rebellion!  However, we are stable now in a new home with a mead closet and I can resume my meadmaking.  I have added a new page (see the tabs above) regarding figuring the calories in mead.  Please check it out.  I’m hoping that I can actually keep up with this blog now that I can quit moving.

Go raibh maith agaibh, thank you all.

What’s new today?


Today I added some books to the bibliography, some words to the glossary, and “The Right Yeast” under the Choosing Ingredients tab. I also finished “Racking, Clarifying & Filtering” under the Meadmaking 101 tab. Best of luck in your meadmaking adventures!! Let me know if you have any questions.

Stay tuned for more…

New Content

See, I told you I would get to new content! The Right Yeast now has content. I will update on the main page here as I add to my other pages. I’ll also be adding to the bibliography and glossary as I go.

Thanks to everyone who has visited, asked questions, and been patient. This shows you will all be terrific meadmakers!

New Content Coming Soon. No really!

I have recently moved again, and for the next 9 months I am living in a small apartment that does not have enough room to make mead. At first this seemed to be a bummer for me, but it will actually give me time to finish the different pages on this blog. I know there are blank pages under Choosing Ingredients, Meadmaking 101, Mead Recipes, and Judging Mead. While I won’t be making mead for the next 9 months, I do have a closet full of mead I previously made. Many are 2-3 years old, and I have some of my original attempts at mead that are now 3-4 years old. I will sacrifice myself, and the mead, and drink it for your benefit. Yes, that’s right, I’m going to drink mead for YOU! I’ll share the information on which ones turned out great, and which one’s can be used to clean your car battery.

For those who have visited and left comments and questions, I thank you so much for your interest and patience.

Ah, The Saga Continues…

First, let me apologize to anyone who has asked questions or left comments in the last few months. I have tried multiple times to change my email to my current email, but never get a confirmation email from WordPress in order to do this. I am still working on it. I will try my best to check my Dashboard for messages at least every other day now that I realize what is going on, and will answer the questions already asked, although I assume you all found answers elsewhere.

Plus, I broke my ankle in November and my world pretty much stopped for a while.

Coming soon to a blog near you…

I know, I know. I keep promising updates. After my last promise, I took a new job and moved cross country. I will do a post on the pain of moving mead yourself…later. When I’m over the trauma.

Anyway, I am starting the process of updating posts (starting with Show Meads), putting on recipes and getting back to it! I also added a page of my greatest failures (The Agony of Defeat). This would be a great time to ask any questions or make a note of what you would like updated first.

Remember, “The oxen are slow, but the earth is patient.”