New Content Coming Soon. No really!

I have recently moved again, and for the next 9 months I am living in a small apartment that does not have enough room to make mead. At first this seemed to be a bummer for me, but it will actually give me time to finish the different pages on this blog. I know there are blank pages under Choosing Ingredients, Meadmaking 101, Mead Recipes, and Judging Mead. While I won’t be making mead for the next 9 months, I do have a closet full of mead I previously made. Many are 2-3 years old, and I have some of my original attempts at mead that are now 3-4 years old. I will sacrifice myself, and the mead, and drink it for your benefit. Yes, that’s right, I’m going to drink mead for YOU! I’ll share the information on which ones turned out great, and which one’s can be used to clean your car battery.

For those who have visited and left comments and questions, I thank you so much for your interest and patience.


One response to “New Content Coming Soon. No really!

  1. clancymead

    Just getting into mead making so, I’m excited to see the new stuff! 🙂

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