Monkey Boy is standing by…

Hello to you all, and happy Independence Day.  I did not plan to launch the site on this day, but I think it is fitting.  Mead was the primary alcoholic beverage of humankind for thousands of years, but has become overshadowed by grape wine and beer.  However, the mead revolution is underway, and will establish its independence again.

This site is just launching so much of it is under construction.  I have been making mead for a while now and getting frustrated with the scarcity of mead resources all in one place.  To be sure, there are many fine sites and books about mead to be found, but none offered all the information I wanted in one place.  There are detailed accounts of making mead, but they do not have mead recipes.  There are sites with many mead recipes, but they do not have all the processes detailed, they take an entirely too laissez-faire approach to the process, or are made primarily by brewers and contain additives that probably are not recommended in wine.  There are books about grape wine that does not particularly apply to mead, and many wine recipe books that use sugar as the primary fermentable – not honey.  I shall endeavor to fully integrate all this research on this site and make it pertain solely to mead.  I’m hoping that by making it what I want, others will find it useful as well.  Further, my plan is to gather all this information and turn it into a book for all inspiring meadmakers to enjoy and use.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back soon.

Cheers!  Slainte!  Prost!


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